The raw materials that FINCHIMICA deals in are as per enclosed list. Most of them are produced by ourselves in our factory I.C.I. in Celiole, Italy.
I.C.I. has a large capacity for sterile lyophilization of pharmaceutical raw materials. The investments carried out in recent years have brought the quality of I.C.l.'s production of injectable antibiotics to first place among the producers of antibiotics on the national and international scene.
Today I.C.I. produces in its facilities: approx. 70 Tons/year of lyophilized cephalosporines in Sterile Unit No.], non-antibiotic lyophilized products, such as Glutathione and Fructose 1,6 diphosphate (FDP), in Sterile Unit No.2 and in Unit No.3 compounds of beta cyclodextrine for lyophilization. Parallel to its commercial activities Finchimica has developed a remarkable activity in the field of research for the development of fermentation and synthesis technologies for the production of antibiotics.
This activity has been carried out at the laboratories of GNOSIS. The technologies implemented have been applied industrially in important companies in the For East, such as transfer of strain and know-how of the fermentation of Penicillin G, the know-how for the production of 7-ADCA and Cephalexin, the Know-how for the fermentation of Cephalosporin C, the enzymatic synthesis of 7-ACA, etc.
The FINCHIMICA Group’s strategy inclines towards a total back-integration through the utilization of its own fermentation technologies. This permits the Group to have a direct or indirect control of the production for its own consumption of 7-ACA and all main patent free derivatives. 

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